Cotswolds Covid Minibreak

I have debated blogging about travel over these last few months, as it really didn’t feel right to do so, so many people have been unable or unwilling to travel, and it’s almost like saying, here we are, where are you? But………on the other hand, I think that it’s good to see how the worldContinue reading “Cotswolds Covid Minibreak”

Life On The Ocean Waves

We had had this sailing trip with 6 strangers booked with TradeWinds for the last year so had plenty of time to think about what to expect, but my better half always says ‘if you don’t have any expectations then you won’t be disappointed’ so I decided to go with his philosophy, especially as IContinue reading “Life On The Ocean Waves”

Truffle hunting in Tuscany

I’ve been coming and going to and from Tuscany for a few years now, since we found our cute little bolt hole in a 16th century village on top of a hill. We’ve tested a few ‘experiences’, from cooking pasta and pizza classes to wine tasting and today we experienced something a bit different. TruffleContinue reading “Truffle hunting in Tuscany”

Seville, Sangria and Winter Sun

Before we left for this trip packing was quite an important part of it. Two destinations, 4 flights, one hand luggage only trip and the other the full monty hold luggage.  We were off to Seville for pleasure and Valencia for football . Some may think football is a pleasure and usually it is but whenContinue reading “Seville, Sangria and Winter Sun”

A Norfolk Staycation

For my 4-week anniversary of having 2 for 1 BOGOF abdominal surgery my other half and I decided enough is enough. He was fed up of responding to the ring of my ‘Cabana Boy’ bell when I needed something and I was fed up of looking at the same 4 walls day in day out,Continue reading “A Norfolk Staycation”

Iceland in Winter – One of My First Blogs

A very special place to take my 3 adult kids. 4 nights, 3 days. Just enough time to see most things of interest. We stayed at the Hilton Nordica. It’s about a 15 minute walk into the Centre, taxis were a fortune, around £15 for an 8 minute trip. There’s a Hop on Hop offContinue reading “Iceland in Winter – One of My First Blogs”

The Scottish Highlands

“Let me take you away for your up coming birthday” he said. A feeling of dread consumed me. You see the only times he’s ever booked trips he’s either arrived for flights on the wrong day, booked flights for the wrong month, arranged flights to the Canary Islands via Spain or got on the planeContinue reading “The Scottish Highlands”

December in Dublin

Winter in Dublin: This year was a tricky one to organise for our biannual family trip with my 3 adult children when looking for another Winter destination. We’ve done Iceland, Newcastle, Tenerife, New York and Vegas, so where could we go that would suit us all and that none of us had really ‘done’. IContinue reading “December in Dublin”

Punta Del Este – Rest & Relaxation

Arriving after a 4 hour car journey in to Punta Del Este, known as the Ibiza of South America, it was evident just how different Uruguay is from Argentina, This was our middle week of the trip and a time to re group and re charge our batteries for our final week at Rio Carnival. Continue reading “Punta Del Este – Rest & Relaxation”

Short Stay In Colonia – Uruguay

I wasn’t going to write a review on our one night stopover en route to the southern beaches of Uruguay but as we drove down the cobbled streets and across a draw bridge I knew I couldn’t miss it out. It can be done in a day or even an overnight stay but I’d definitelyContinue reading “Short Stay In Colonia – Uruguay”