Who am I?

I have been travelling for almost 30 years, as a family, single girl and a couple. I’ve travelled the luxury 5 star holidays, the boutique niche hotels, the chic locations and the budget trips. I want to give my readers an overall view of what one can do in the world, with or without thousands of ££££££’s!

I wanted to share these trips with others so they can benefit from seeing the world. I believe that travel makes one more interesting, you’ve always got something to talk about and I often find that it creates an instant connection with strangers.

My style of writing is far from professional, I don’t take the journalistic approach, I want my readers to feel like they’re there with me from start to finish. I like to think my blogs are humorous yet informative, interesting to read and amusing at the same time, and that they will encourage others to take the trips I’m so passionate about.

Travel is an investment in one’s self, I am lucky enough to be able to work to travel, with the help of my partner, we live from one trip to the next, share trips with our children, friends and sometimes even the dog ! There is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered and my bucket list is full of destinations I haven’t yet travelled to.

I hope you enjoy coming along with me, please share my blog with your friends and sign up to receive my reviews as they come out. I promise you won’t be bombarded with blogs, I’m so busy working and travelling, I don’t have much time to write them!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Alan Ferraz says:

    Great website and will follow your travel adventures – best wishes, Alan


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