Short Stay In Colonia – Uruguay

I wasn’t going to write a review on our one night stopover en route to the southern beaches of Uruguay but as we drove down the cobbled streets and across a draw bridge I knew I couldn’t miss it out.

It can be done in a day or even an overnight stay but I’d definitely recommend a visit somehow if you happen to be in the area! One hour on the ferry from Buenos Aires sits Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Set within a UNESCO world heritage site sits its historic quarter, full of lots of coloured facades and walkways, it’s a great place to escape the chaos that is Buenos Aires.

Another find, the Charco Hotel is a small yet delightful boutique hotel right in the center of the historical town, which is the main attraction there. We were shown to our gorgeous room with brick walls and white wooden beamed ceilings, and the best thing about it was actually the smell! It was divine! They had some kind of steaming contraption to emanate the aroma which I actually think helped send us to sleep.

As we left, they were setting up little market stalls in the centre square and for those who don’t like markets (not sure why you wouldn’t though) there were plenty of little artisan shops hidden amongst the trees! We moved from there on to the Coast of Uruguay but if you’re in Argentina for a while and fancy a day trip out, this is definitely one I’d recommend.

A Hat Shop!

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