Returning to Penzance at 7pm after a trip to the Scilly Isles, we needed to stay over before the long drive back to London.

I researched well, as usual, and found Scilly parking, a car park, offering ‘romantic’ shepherds huts that looked like they were going to be cute little huts in the middle of a deserted field, only 3 available, a bit like a gypsy caravan.

How lovely I thought. Then we arrived. 🙀 Talk about room with a view!! It was basically a metal storage container in a car park where people leave cars before getting the ferry!! All we could hear was the gravel being driven on, cars in, cars out, buses in, buses out!

However, it was actually really fab inside, a bit of luxury in a box!! Other half said it was like sleeping in a baked bean can!! I quite enjoyed it.

We got a Thai takeaway and a bottle of wine, sat on the little stools watching telly, and it was actually quite good fun and a nice end to a perfect week of R&R.

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