Taking the time to upload a few snippets from my drafts!.

Here’s one for those living in the UK and looking for staycation destinations.

We visited some friends in Arundel last Spring. We stayed just outside at a Hilton hotel, which I wouldn’t recommend (if it’s still open!) but there are lots of lovely options of places to stay.

A beautiful market town in West Sussex, with it’s own quant tea shop, an independent specialist food shop selling lovely gifts for hampers and other special occasions. Boutique clothes shops, bars and pubs with courtyards, we were never at a loss of what to see or where to go for the two days we were there.

Lots of restaurants in Main street and the old marketplace, as well as their very own sparkling wine producers Digby Fine English, where you must pop in for a tasting. There’s also a museum, we didn’t go there but could be good for the kids.

It has a castle with beautiful grounds to walk in and also a cathedral. Lovely river walks, and a beach no more than 20 minutes away in Littlehampton for those who want somewhere for the kids to have some fun too!

Amberley village isn’t too far either and of course there’s Amberley Castle which is a luxury castle and hotel. All well worth a visit in my opinion, and when we were there the weather was beautiful which helped enormously.

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